SACRRA - your key to unlocking the power of shared data for informed credit and risk decisions!

Facilitating the sharing of credit and risk information to enable our members to make informed credit and risk decisions pertaining to credit and other service applications by consumers

South African Credit and Risk Reporting Association (SACRRA)

Introducing SACRRA – your key to unlocking the power of shared data for informed credit and risk decisions! Established in 1989, the SACRRA is a voluntary industry association composed of dedicated companies committed to sharing critical credit and risk payment performance data about their customers with our esteemed bureau members. Our member base also includes organizations offering top-notch analytical and data management services to the industry. Together, we strive to enhance comprehensive credit profiles and uphold exceptional data quality.
Our vision is to champion a world-class data-sharing and reporting ecosystem, while our mission is to positively impact the data sharing industry through innovation, training and support, advocacy, and responsible lending practices. We are committed to good governance and sustainable financial management.

Our Vision

To champion a world-class, impactful, trusted and respected data-sharing & reporting ecosystem

Our Mission

To proactively impact the credit and risk data sharing ecosystem by:

  • Leading with innovative systems and tools for timely, compliant, and quality data sharing and reporting,
  • Offering training and support to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements,
  • Influencing credit and risk data management practices through data insights, engagement sessions, and advocacy,
  • Providing information and tools to help consumers and small businesses manage their credit and risk data responsibly,
  • Leveraging alternative data sources and advanced technology to expand the data pool for credit and risk decisions,
  • Attracting and retaining key skills to fulfill our mission and vision,
  • Ensuring good governance, accountability, and sustainable financial management.

Our Values

  • Ecosystem-Centricity
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Stakeholder-Centricity
  • Reciprocity focus
  • Continuous Learning

Discover the SACRRA Story: A Legacy of Unwavering Commitment

Over three decades ago, a small but passionate group of credit retailers and credit bureaus came together to form what is now known as the South African Credit and Risk Reporting Association. Throughout the years, we have remained firmly dedicated to the original objectives set forth by our founding members, propelling the Association towards success and growth.

Our journey began with 12 founding members who paved the way for the establishment of the Consumer Credit Association (CCA) in January 1989. These pioneers included Amrel, Boymans, Clobea/Furnbea, Edgars, Foschini, Information Trust Corporation (now TransUnion), Kreditinform (now Experian), Joshua Doore, OK Bazaars, Rusfurn Group, Sales House, and Truworths.

A few months later, in April 1989, the first steering committee of the CCA was elected at an inaugural general meeting. Their mission was crucial: lay the groundwork for the Association to commence formal operations, appoint an Executive Director, design a constitution, develop a funding model, and strategize effective communication.

The first Management Committee included six trailblazing retailers – Amrel, Edgars, OK Bazaars, Prefcor, Sales House, Truworths – and two pioneering credit bureaus, Kredit Inform and Information Trust Corporation (ITC).

Today, as SACRRA, we proudly carry forward the legacy of our founding members, steadfast in our unwavering commitment to our objectives and vision. Join us on this journey toward a brighter, more secure future in credit and risk management.

Breakdown of our Membership Base

About Credit Bureaus

There are six NCR-authorised credit bureaus associated with the Association. These bureaus receive consumer credit information and payment profile data from our data contributing members, validate the information to ensure it is of good quality, current and complete, before loading to their databases. They package and sell the information to lenders and other data users who are interested in consumers’ borrowing behaviour and to assess a consumer’s affordability before granting credit. The information could be in the form of a credit profile/report, scorecards and data analysis/models to inform risk management and/or marketing strategies.

About Credit Providers

Credit providers should be registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and comply with the National Credit Act. They normally provide loans and other credit products to consumers and businesses. Other than using the bureau reports for affordability assessments, it could also be used for new product development and risk management strategies. Our credit providing members submit account type information daily and monthly, the highest contributions of which are revolving credit store cards, one-month personal loans and credit cards account information.

About Risk Providers

Providers of risk-related data, such as policy premiums, includes life (long-term) and non-life (short-term) insurance companies. They share consumer payment profile data with the credit bureaus in order to access consumer reports to determine, inter alia, the premium to be charged to a consumer taking out insurance cover. Information could also be used for tracing purposes.

About Service Providers

Service providers include telecommunication providers (e.g., Telkom, Vodacom) and subscription-type service providers, such as timeshare and DSTV. Even though they are not registered with the NCR, these companies submit data under Regulation 19(13)’s reciprocity requirements in order to access consumer bureau data to inform premiums and credit limits based on a consumer’s existing repayment obligations and affordability.

About Regulators (NCR and Information Regulator)

The National Credit Act, 34 of 2005 (NCA) established a National Credit Regulator to manage the registration of industry participants (credit providers, credit bureaus and debt counsellors) and monitor the conduct of these parties, to carry out education, research and policy development, as well as investigate serious complaints to ensure enforcement of the NCA. The NCA, inter alia, promotes a fair and non-discriminatory marketplace for access to consumer credit, provide for the general regulation on consumer credit and improve standards of consumer information. It also promotes responsible credit granting and use as well as prohibits reckless credit granting.

The Information Regulator is empowered by the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (POPIA) to monitor and enforce compliance by public and private bodies with the provision of POPIA. The aim of POPIA is to promote the protection of personal information processed by these bodies, by establishing minimum requirements for the processing of personal information and introducing certain conditions for the lawful processing of such information.

Executive Team & Governing Body

Eligible Members elect a Governing Body to oversee the strategic management of the Association in accordance with its mandate and the Executive Director is appointed and mandated by the Governing Body to head up the day-to-day operations of the Association.