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Introducing Business Credit & Risk Information (BUSCRI): Empowering Businesses with Financial Access

One of the primary challenges hindering business growth in South Africa is gaining access to crucial financing, especially for start-up entities. While funds may be available, obtaining the required finance often proves difficult, predominantly due to insufficient information on businesses for credit providers to evaluate affordability and creditworthiness.

SACRRA, leveraging our vast data-sharing infrastructure and partnering with existing members, associations and industry bodies, aims to bridge this gap by facilitating seamless business data collection and dissemination. This initiative unlocks expanded market opportunities for our valued members while learning from past and current data-sharing experiences to expedite the implementation of robust data-sharing environments for businesses of all sizes.

Discover how you can be a part of this groundbreaking initiative – download  our informative brochure and contact us today. Together, we can drive business growth and success in South Africa

SACRRA’s data management tools/applications

At SACRRA, one of our core commitments is to establish ourselves as the industry benchmark with regards to facilitating the sharing of credit and risk information, reporting, managing data quality and dealing with member and stakeholder queries. As part of this ambitious mission, we offer our members a suite of pioneering systems and tools. Designed to facilitate efficient, compliant, and quality data exchange, these applications also provide insightful reporting capabilities. Here is an introduction to the innovative solutions that we are proud to make available to our members:

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A tool to securely submit timestamped data contributor payment profiles to six bureaus once, using the SACRRA Data Specification.


An independent rules engine with SACRRA file validation, enabling data contributors to test newly adjusted files for continued accuracy.


An advanced web application, replacing outdated paper specifications, with intuitive data management, layout updates, and intelligent search features.


A dynamic member portal and database allowing member information updates, data quality dashboard access, and streamlined task management via a connected workflow engine.

Existing and new members are welcome to contact the office on for access to these tools/applications.

SACRRA's Communication Platform

Our platform to log issues and queries.  Aids in improved customer communication.  Integrates to SACRRA Connect bureau dashboard.

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